Female Bisexuality and growth of Bi dating


The term "bisexual" has been used in dictionaries since 1824, but then it was used in a completely different sense. On top of that, the boundaries of definition are already extremely blurred, as each person has his or her own individual desires and needs from a sexual point of view. Some women have slept with a woman. Others, however, have never dared to do it, but they actively fantasize about such an experience. According to recent surveys over 9 million people openly admit that they are bisexual. It is obvious that bisexuality is common in Western society, but people falling in this category have difficulties to recognize the truth to their relatives. Connected with that 71% of women say they have revealed their homosexual orientation to family and friends, but among bisexuals, the percentage drops below 28 to those who admit their bi dating .

Female bisexuality

Bisexuality is an opportunity to have sexual, romantic relationships, both with partners of the opposite sex, and your own. Female bisexuality is found not only among people. Such relationships in the natural world arise only as a last resort, for example, the absence of males. When a male appears, girlfriends stop such communication. According to recent studies, scientists have concluded that all women are bisexual. But our behavior changes under the influence of external factors, and not every woman is ready to go against moral norms and traditional concepts existing in her family. The negative attitude of others is a deterrent.

bisexual women problems

Experts analyzed data from over 5600 bisexual women who were tortured by the dilemma of whether to reveal their sexual preference family or not. It is possible that the stress of hiding sexuality from parents affects men and women differently. Generally, bi dating can lead their sex lives away from parents with less stress.

What problems do bisexual people face?

Negative attitudes toward bisexual people are observed both by the gay community and by heterosexuals, which makes it difficult for bisexual people to find their place in social circles. On top of that, the stress caused by being negative about bi women often leads to depression. Those who use the services of dating sites avoid being identified as "bi" because the chances of being rejected by both sexes are very high. The paradox in this case is that sexual freedom in modern society is actually still a distant dream for so many people.

Bisexual women are better accepted in society, but this is actually the voyeurism of heterosexual men, which often leads to violence. Studies have shown that there are more bisexual women than men, and the negative comments come primarily from gays and lesbians. Bisexual women are more likely to experience sexual abuse than lesbian and heterosexual women and bisexual men, but a large number of these cases remain unreported, so this issue is not discussed at all. Bisexual women are extremely objectified, while bisexual men are viewed more as sexual predators.

The reason for the growth of bi dating and bisexual woman

When compared with the last century, the number has increased significantly and continues to increase every year in modern society. Why it happens? There are several possible reasons. In the past, a bisexual women risked a lot by recognizing her nature. After all, such relationships were condemned everywhere. Although today among the respondents there is probably a part of false bisexual women , since there is a fashion for such relationships now. This is openly stated by public people, and many young fans strive to imitate their idols. Why do many women engage in self-hypnosis and position themselves as bisexual? Fictional female bisexuality occur for the following reasons:

  • • Bad attitude towards men. Very often, an elementary resentment and a prolonged absence of a life partner become a similar reason. The woman begins to list all the shortcomings inherent in the male sex and decides that she no longer wants to have anything to do with them. As a rule, in this case, experiments on the part of female love end in disappointment, and such thoughts disappear with the appearance of a friend;
  • • Transformation of relationships between close friends. The emergence of such a relationship is possible in the case when close friends are at an impasse and do not have a life partner. Further failures result in dialogues with tears and wine. And then the lovely ladies come to the conclusion that they are surprisingly comfortable and well with each other;
  • • I do not want to be like everyone else! This behavior is inherent in young girls who seek to stand out from the crowd. They do not have rich sexual experience, or the first attempts were not the most successful.
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Bisexuality is not just an interest in partners of the same sex, but also a desire to love, care and even create a family with a person, i.e. the full range of sensations that is available in a relationship with a man. Only full relationships are signs of bisexual women . When you don’t really care what gender your companion is. And if you are one of them, then do not be ashamed. Live your life like you want to. There are so many places, bisexual dating sites, clubs, etc. where you can enjoy. At the end, bisexual women and bi dating are normal things nowadays, aren't they?

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