What it feels like dating a bisexual man?

Just like any other relationship, a relationship with someone that is bisexual is quite similar. They are in need of someone to trust. Some to lean their back on when they are down. Someone that will be honest with them. Someone that understands them for who they really are. If you are in a relationship with a bisexual guy, so part of you might be worrying due to the nature of your partners’ sexual life. This is because dating a guy that is straight is entirely different from dating a bisexual guy.

Most guys that disclose the bisexual identity are discarded because of it. Some ladies are scared of what the outcome of the relationship will be. They assume it will mostly end in tears so the ghost such guy. Dating a bisexual guy can be a little different as it is clear that his interest goes both ways and as a lady, you might not be able to satisfy his other sexual desire. But regardless of what or who the person is, he must be able to care, adore, trust, respect and love you right.

bisexual men

Some ladies will want to know more about the guy before they agree to enter a relationship with him. Most go too far asking intimate questions, requesting details of all guys and ladies they’ve slept with and they will expect the guy to have slept with closely the same number of guys and ladies to prove that he is bisexual. These questions can be annoying but most guys keep their cool and act naturally in such situations. If you as a lady is in such a situation, you should carefully choose questions you ask the guy. Some questions might be too forward or attacking while others will be inviting and enticing. Just make sure you don’t make the guy inconvenient with many irrelevant questions.

Being open is one of the best things needed to build a strong relationship or bond. Be open with the guy on how you feel. Tell him what you fear about dating a bisexual guy. Most importantly how you are going to make it work for both of you. Hopefully, you will come to a lasting solution to your fears. You will discuss, agree and implement your desire for the relationship.

bisexual man

Dating a bisexual guy must start with a strong foundation. If you are turned on or you liked a guy initially because he has slept with other guys, then that is not enough reason to date such guy. You must like him for him, beyond his sexual lifestyle. You must know who he is, what he likes and how he interacts. Do not mingle with a guy just because he’s into other guys!!!

And finally, dating a bisexual guy can be a little frustrating. You might get to a situation where people will say offensive things about your boyfriend. Don’t let it slide. Let them know they can’t say rubbish about your man. Fight for him and be the proud woman you are meant to be.

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