The Social Challenges Of Young Bisexuals

Dating behavior does not always reflect sexual orientation. In general, sexual orientation is discovered at an early age but most bisexuals choose to have a heterosexual dating life. This raises many internal conflicts but also some social issues. The dating life of bisexual singles involves much more loneliness than some would be tempted to think. Young bisexuals experience many challenges when trying to find a partner.

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The biggest challenge for young bisexuals is social stigma. Biphobia is the biggest culprit, causing bisexuals to avoid coming out and matching their sexual orientation with their dating lifestyle. The first answer most people tend to throw out when they discover that someone, they know is bisexual is that it is just a phase or just a desire to experiment. To avoid such comments or being judged, bisexuals turn to bisexual dating sites , hoping that they would find acceptance and fulfill themselves sexually.

Overcoming Social Stigma

The social stigma associated with bisexuality can leave phycological scars. They are difficult to overcome without proper help. Some may choose to seek out psychological help but it is not enough. Most specialists recommend finding a proper partner and ignore the social stigma.

Finding a proper partner that can provide emotional and sexual comfort is difficult. Bisexuality is a rather rare sexual orientation thus it is more difficult to find a gay partner that would accept a relationship with a bisexual. Finding another bisexual to date is almost like looking for the needle in a stack of hay.

Bisexual dating sites manage to solve several key problems for young bisexuals. First and most importantly, it connects bisexuals, with potential partners that find it easy to accept their sexual orientation. This does not mean that bisexual sites are limited to just bisexuals. It can help match bisexuals with straight males and females, gay and other bisexual adults. In simple words, it eliminates social stigma by pairing like-minded adults.

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Another important aspect is anonymity. Dating sites for bisexuals offer a certain level of comfort for bisexuals. Coming out can be difficult. Having the comfort of not needing to use a real name or provide just some basic details offers a degree of anonymity that cannot be found when trying for example to meet new people at a party. On dating websites, everyone knows what to expect and they are there for simple reasons. All it takes is to create a simple profile, fill in some interests, maybe add some pictures then browse other profiles and start chatting with other members without any other strings attached.

There is still a long way to go until bisexuality reaches the same social acceptance as the gay community. Today, only 19% of all bisexuals came out and started living their lives in such a way that it reflects their sexual orientation. Dating sites for bisexuals certainly play their part in helping the community but it is not enough. More and more bisexuals need to come out and fight off the social stigma. When the community grows large enough, there will be no other option for the rest of the world to accept them for who they are and part of modern society.