4 Things You Need To Know As A Bisexual When Dating

Dating as a bisexual can be quite difficult. Not everyone seems to be understanding when it comes to sexual orientation that is different from their own. Only other bisexuals can truly understand how difficult dating is for bisexual singles. Things get easier once you get the grasp of a few things.

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1. There are plenty of bisexual singles available.

Even if it might seem that there are not that many bisexuals to date, the reality is that there are plenty of bisexual women and men available but they do not show it. Opening up is difficult and you just need to find them.

2. Know where to search.

If you plan to start dating bisexuals, you need to know where to search. Meeting new people in a bar or while on a night out is probably not the best idea. A safe and discreet way is to look at bisexual dating sites to find local bisexuals to date. An alternative is to use a threesome dating site since they usually have bisexual couples as well. For bisexual singles, threesome sites can be a great place to start.

3. Be honest with yourself and others.

Being open about your sexuality can be difficult. When meeting other bisexuals, it is important to be honest with yourself and to them. Open up, share your interests and try to find common interests. Dating sites rely on your sincerity and honesty to build a profile that will help others find you based on your interests.

4. Understand your emotional state and make sure you are understood.

Bisexuals feel sexual attractions towards both sexes but create an emotional attachment with just one partner at a time, just like everyone else. When dating a bisexual couple this can be a challenge when emotional involvement is involved. The person you are dating needs to understand this and you need to be honest about your intentions. If there is no emotional involvement, you need to be honest about this as well.

Surely, there are several other small aspects you need to be aware and honest about when looking for bisexual singles. or threesomes. You need to have patience and give dating sites a try. They make things easier, especially for minorities such as bisexuals.

Dating after coming out as bisexual

Despite the appearance of more liberal attitudes to gender fluidity and sexuality, there is still not much awareness of all the nuances covered by LGBTQIA. Ask yourself how many heterosexual men you know, who are open about their homosexual affairs.

In a world that now decries toxic masculinity, we should all be able to acknowledge that there are some men, who identify as straight but also enjoy gay sex. Yet, this is not the case and, instead, such an idea still seems to engender confusion: These are not just straight men, who indulge in some infrequent pegging or anal play, so why don't they just identify as part of the pansexual, queer or bisexual community? Some men, who identify as being in this category, state that even though they have gay sex, they do not wish to be part of a gay scene or be associated with anything that is stereotypically gay. Their preference is for men who are on the Down Low, i.e. are straight but enjoy discreet gay sex. Such sex, they assert, is purely sex and unlikely to hamper their main, heterosexual relationships. In this way, they can have a sex partner, who is unlikely to upset the status quo by asking for more commitment, because he too has a similar situation. For this reason, such an arrangement between married men or friends, works well. Also, the avoidance of an unwanted pregnancy coul greater lack of inhibition and lends itself to a more sexually explosive union.

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On paper, these explanations are logical. However, just one detail refuses to fit neatly into this reasoning. Straight men who enjoy sex with men (MSM) have one thing in common: The desire to uphold their heterosexual male privilege. It is the card that allows them to be conforming to accepted norms and, therefore, allows them to comfortably be a part of society. One could argue, conversely, that who one sleeps with is nobody else’s business but in a world where men are often happy to chat with their buddies about their conquests with the opposite sex, what other reason could there be for hiding same-sex affairs?

Being part of a bisexual couple or a bisexual dating community can be a bridge of sorts, in allowing MSM to stay true to their sexual preferences, when there is bilateral understanding, and allows them the platform to express their varied sexual tastes. The bisexual community., in this sense, is a close fit for MSM.

Ultimately, whether the men discussed above are fearful of recrimination because they know that different parts and structures of society still maintain a traditional’ façade or they refuse to be forced to pick a side or scene, it is clear that, even now in 2020, sexual orientations are still heavily bound by societal expectations. Until we learn to truly separate a person’s sexual preference from their character, ability to work or personality, we will have more situations where people – men or women – will feel obliged to hide an important part of their lives.

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